A phone being used to unlock a door

Wireless locks and space utilisation

To expand, upgrade or add new reporting intelligence to your existing access control system, wireless locks provide a practical and affordable solution. You can easily add more doors and operate them with the access cards you already use rather than using keys, at a fraction of the cost of conventional wired locking systems.

Our approach is based on the world’s leading wireless lock system, so you’ll be assured of multiple security and operational benefits. Standardising disparate locking systems across your estates can eliminate much of the workload involved in managing a cumbersome mix of locking systems.

Quick and easy to install, with certified battery-powered locks, they dramatically cut energy costs, reduce maintenance and solve the problem of lost keys. Low installation and operating costs make them the cost-effective way to secure doors and other units, while enabling you to capture a complete audit trail of all activity for compliance and reporting.

Typical wireless lock applications

Our wireless locks can be used to secure a wide range of units and facilities, including: lockers, secure areas, data centre cabinet racks, post boxes, security cages, cycle sheds, riser cupboards, remote utility stores and much more.

Space utilisation

In places where commercial real estate is costly and at a premium, putting wireless readers on spare rooms or under-utilised commercial space provides a low-cost, accurate assessment of how much space is underutilised. It’s a simple, low-cost way to monitor usage and provide the evidence needed to make a clear business case for how the space could be used more effectively – so helping you to maximise the return on your assets.