A shop floor full of womens clothes


To secure the showrooms where the world’s most exclusive fashion brands and coveted luxury products are sold demands specialist skills. It calls for a rare combination of technical competence in multidisciplinary retail surveillance technologies with a deep appreciation of the aesthetic and architectural requirements of prestige shopping environments.

Whether it’s a historic listed building with intricate features or a contemporary boutique with minimalist lines, our solutions are meticulously designed and executed with the sensitivity to meet stringent technical, logistical and visual criteria that can greatly restrict where equipment is positioned.

Working with some of the biggest names in high-end retail, we deliver networked HD video surveillance, access control, one-card solutions, wireless locks, infra-red intruder detection and ultra-sensitive fire, smoke and heat detection. Integrating a mix of systems and alarms onto a single open platform enables store personnel to remotely monitor and manage these functions from the shopfloor via tablets and smartphones.

Integrating additional functionality, such as real-time analytics to track footfall and buying behaviour, gives retailers the capability to remotely reconfigure camera views, enabling staff to monitor in-store promotions on the fly while gathering vital marketing intelligence to continuously adapt sales strategies.

As well as ensuring the 24/7 safety of colleagues and customers while reducing stock shrinkage, our approach delivers comprehensive management reporting and compliance plus ongoing support and maintenance. Key benefits include economies of scale, less cabling and streamlined deployment, while reduced cost of ownership and improved ease of management yields a healthy return on investment.

Whatever your retail requirements, our security experts can tailor a made-to-measure solution that best fits your needs.