A herd of sheep next to a field of solar panels


To safeguard energy supplies generated from solar, wind, biomass or other renewable sources, our turnkey solutions scale to maximise coverage across widely dispersed estates, providing cost-effective protection for high-value equipment and production processes.

No matter how remote the location, physically challenging the conditions or complex the infrastructure, we deliver robust solutions that guarantee resilience, while minimising operating overheads, ensuring strict regulatory compliance and satisfying local planning authorities with respect for the environment.

Following in-depth risk evaluation, bespoke blends of HD surveillance – including infra-red and thermal imaging cameras – access control, intelligent video analytics and advanced perimeter detection are integrated to enable high-performance remote monitoring, even in situations without lights and illuminators.

Taking a customised approach, we can, for example, create sterile zones around facilities where highly sensitive intruder trace detection can accurately distinguish between alerts triggered by grazing livestock and those that could indicate malicious intent. This in turn dramatically reduces the number of false alarms, so saving on unnecessary call-out costs and the need for manned guarding.

To lower the total cost of ownership, reduce insurance premiums and maximise a fast return on investment, we offer a flexible package of measures including reduced hardware and cabling to cut installation costs, running overheads and energy consumption.

Comprehensive reporting and remote diagnostics ensure that sites are managed in line with clearly defined response times, compliance protocols and stringent service levels, enabling full auditability, transparency and continuous improvement.

Whatever your requirements, our security experts use proven best practice to protect your renewable power sources and supplies.