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Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software provides resilient IT infrastructures and a centralised security platform to manage all your fire and security operations. ISD Tech leverages the latest PSIM technology to integrate analogue, hybrid and IP technologies into a single user interface to provide a complete view of all your fire and security assets.

For enterprise fire and security operations or large perimeter detection solutions, we have all the experience and expertise to deliver a seamless and efficient PSIM security solution that will:

  • Increase productivity and reduce operating costs through process automation

  • Reduce operator training with a single front end system

  • Enhance situational awareness

  • Enable remote real-time incident response

  • Standardise and consolidate fire and security operations

  • Future-proof your fire and security investments.

To find out how PSIM can streamline your fire and security operations, call one of our solution consultants on 0845 071 1373 or email