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In the fiercely competitive and highly regulated pharmaceutical sector, our customised security solutions deliver the robust protection needed to ensure full health, safety and risk compliance across your estates and through your supply chain. We can safeguard drug manufacturing processes and products from tampering; prevent unauthorised access to sensitive data and intellectual property; and protect personnel and property from the threat of harm by hostile activists.

With an extensive portfolio of fire, life safety, surveillance, access control, one-card solution, intruder detection and wireless locking technologies, we design, install and maintain cost-effective security systems with the flexibility to easily scale and adapt as your requirements evolve, so maximising the value of your long-term investment.

From specialist drug discovery and biotech companies to multinational manufacturers, our customers can benefit from a proven approach with the capability to scale across multiple sites as part of your global IT network, backed with the comprehensive reporting required to ensure complete accountability and regulatory compliance.

Whether you simply need a wireless door entry system, to upgrade perimeter protection with infra-red HD surveillance or to deploy a multi-layered, multi-site fire and security system combined with universal one-card access control to manage entry to your most sensitive operations, we can add value with the technical expertise, cloud-based monitoring and maintenance to meet your requirements.

Whatever your security headaches, we have the expertise to remedy all your requirements.