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ISD Tech has worked extensively with NVT on many projects, particularly in the renewal energy sector. We have consistently demonstrated our technical design competence, along with our ability to install and maintain NVT equipment.

About NVT

NVT has historically produced industry leading analogue transmission for CCTV video that works over UTP cabling and have seen our technology deployed on literally hundreds of projects throughout the UK and Europe.

In the summer of 2015, NVT was bought by Phybridge, a Canadian Company with expertise in long range Ethernet solutions in the voice over IP (VOIP) telephony market. With Phybridge having over4 00,000 users and a reputation for producing award winning, robust and easy to use switches, the CCTV market was an obvious next step. Our analogue range is remaining unchanged, while the new PoLRE and CLEER ranges from Phybridge are being added to our portfolio

PoLRE and CLEER are based upon using the existing infrastructure already in situ. If you have UTP cable already on site, our PoLRE range utilises justone1 pair to bring back the data signal, while at the same time supplying PoE back to the device. If you have legacy coax on site, the CLEER range can bring back 100MBPS from each device, while supplying up to 17w of power at 500m.

Both ranges enable simple 1:1 connection, through to a mid-level unmanaged switch of 8 – 10 ports, leading right up to fully managed 24 or 48 port switch with up to 1,600W of power.

With large multiple site roll outs already started, both CLEER and PoLRE have already started saving our customers large amounts of money on the cost of installing new networks.

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