Interior of a library

Surrey College

The challenge

With notable success in the academic, artistic, and sporting fields, the Surrey college provides educational services to 1,300 students from across Surrey and the neighbouring Home Counties. The existing security system consisting of multiple and legacy, stand-alone CCTV, access control and intrusion detection systems, had become difficult and expensive to manage and maintain. With diverse educational facilities, the college needed a cost-effective, flexible, and multi-layered approach to improve the protection of staff, students and property.

The ISD Tech solution

The ISD Tech dedicated system design team developed a powerful spend to save business case that impressed the college by demonstrating a clear return on investment and low cost of ownership. The phased upgrade program provided the college with an integrated site wide and network based CCTV, access control, and intrusion detection solution. The entire security operation is managed centrally from the college’s IT department and on a remote basis by individual departments across the site.


ISD Tech implemented a two-phase roll out, working within the challenging environment of a live education facility to deliver the project on time and to budget. The solution provides a cost effective and flexible infrastructure, with the ability to add additional security systems across the campus in the future. Using the latest technology and devices means little impact on the environment, while meeting the college’s tight budgetary constraints.

The ISD Tech solution has reduced the ongoing cost of ownership, compared with the legacy system, while streamlining the administration of CCTV footage and access control to deliver further cost savings. ISD Tech is now contracted to provide proactive and reactive maintenance and support services over a long-term agreement, while continuing to deliver a clear return on investment.