Inside of a data centre full or servers

High-Tech Data Centre

The challenge

With one of the most high tech data centres in the UK, the corporate client wanted a perimeter detection solution that would detect people and vehicles moving close to a defined perimeter of the site. The solution had to provide efficient early warning detection, and notification, to the onsite security team of any unauthorised movements or intruders.

The ISD Tech solution

The ISD Tech in-house team designed a radar vision solution combining three W200 and two elevated W350 ground radar units along with integration and control of ten external PTZ cameras. The radars provide combined coverage around the perimeter of the site by overlapping to meet the challenge of varying topography and terrain of the perimeter ground.

The ISD Tech solution also encompassed the design, installation and commissioning of a dedicated multi-mode fibre optic network between the five radar locations, the central server and the remote control room workstation.

When a trespasser is detected, an audible notification is received by an operator along with a live view from the camera assigned to each radar. The camera then tracks the intruder as they move around the site until the trespasser is apprehended by the security team and the situation is resolved.


The ISD Tech solution provides millimetre detection for the full perimeter of the site with individual detection zones for each radar and real time tracking of intruders via the CCTV cameras.

Delivering a practical and efficient monitoring capability, the integrated solution provides complete situational awareness of the entire site. Correlating live camera views with radar notification eliminates a false reaction to alarms to streamline operations and enable a rapid and appropriate response. ISD Tech is now working with this corporate enterprise customer to deploy the solution at several of its other high security locations.