Accessing a door using a Keyscan card

Keyscan Access Control Systems

ISD Tech implements scalable, centrally managed Cloud-based solutions from Keyscan Access Control Systems.

We monitor door controllers, readers and keypads from remotely-configurable management software so allowing users to make decisions with optimum data.

Our Keyscan project portfolio leverages other disciplines by integrating access control with video analytics and building management software. We’ve moved beyond securing doors to rationalizing complete logistical processes. With other departments benefiting from the data, ISD Tech’s installations are producing immediate ROI.

ISD Tech’s Keyscan applications range from pan-continental corporate estates to NGOs and an oil & gas exploration vessel operating amid extreme conditions in the Indian Ocean off the Australian coast.

We’re adept at helping our North American-based partner integrators to install systems in EMEA and even Asian branches of their international clients so that systems are truly global and seamless.

Tap into centrally managed access control with a Keyscan solution by speaking to one of our experts. Call us on +44 (0) 845 071 1373 or email

KeyScan Product Guide
(1.8mb PDF - Download)

KeyScan Aurora Access Control Management Guide
(2.2mb PDF - Download)

KeyScan Centrally Managed Access Control Brochure
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