A room full of servers

IT, data centres and telecoms

With our dependence on data and communications in every aspect of life, it’s vital to safeguard the mission-critical IT infrastructure, telecom networks and data centres we all rely on to keep information flowing without disruption.

Custom-designed to ensure 24/7 business continuity and resilience, we create, install and maintain highly robust solutions for service providers and operators. Integrating surveillance, access control, intruder detection, fire safety and advanced security technologies, our solutions prevent industry-scale IT infrastructure, data services and assets being compromised by unauthorised access.

From state-of-the-art perimeters with early warning alerts to detect people and vehicles near remote facilities to wireless locks and biometric one-card systems to manage access to your most sensitive operations, we deliver practical, efficient solutions that optimise coverage, maximise situational awareness and minimise false alarms both outside and inside your estates.

Whatever your needs, we can tailor any aspect of our agile full-service approach to your security lifecycle requirements, from risk evaluation, system design and deployment to maintenance, disaster recovery and remote monitoring. And with capacity to scale from a single control room to the most complex multi-site global network, our services are backed with the detailed reporting and analytics to simplify risk compliance, while keeping your information systems connected and running smoothly at all times.

Whatever your priorities, we have the expertise to protect your most valuable IT and information assets.