A hospital corridor with a saline drip in the foreground


With continued pressure on resources, we design, deploy and maintain futureproof fire, surveillance, life safety and one-card access control solutions that enable providers in the public and private health sector to minimise risk, maximise operational efficiency and make funding go further – to ultimately improve the quality of patient care.

Taking an agile approach, we can enable community health centres, district hospitals, secure mental health units and NHS Foundation Trusts to implement proactive risk management measures that create safer clinical environments based on best practice, in accordance with health and safety regulations.

Whatever your priorities, we’ll maximise the value from your fire, security and access control systems, ensuring your networks are fine-tuned for optimal performance, emergency readiness and to prevent unauthorised access to secure areas. Our solutions deliver consistent detection, reporting and monitoring of your sites and assets, augmented by remote diagnostics and support services to pre-empt and address any potential system faults before they become an issue.

Our expertise in emerging technologies is opening up opportunities to leverage more savings and value from your security infrastructure, for example, combining wireless lock and access control systems to optimise use of valuable hospital space. Whether you want to extend the life of your existing systems, add extra functionality or implement an entirely new solution, we’ll design a blueprint you can depend on to deliver measurable benefits and long-term savings.

Whatever your security pain points, we have the expertise to keep your systems in peak condition.