Exterior view of Evolving Systems Offices

Evolving Systems

When Evolving Systems decided to future-proof their physical security and reduce reliance on manned guarding they realized the way forward was a scalable IP installation. A global developer of vendor-independent software solutions, they chose ISD Tech as their security installer and worked with them to standardize access control practice at offices in Paris, Dubai, Mumbai and Bath (UK). The project proved green since leveraging investment in existing hardware by extending its use to security reduced the carbon footprint of the installation.

The challenge

Evolving Systems streamline and optimize clients’ back office management software by converging traditional networks and new technologies. Convergence is at the core of all their business practice but ISD Tech still had to make a strong case for the need to unify the client’s cultural attitudes to security and working practices across different continents. Only then could ISD Tech engineers centralize previously disparate access control systems by working across international sites simultaneously.

A significant challenge was to get ‘buy-in’ from the different locations and stakeholders for a single access control solution across office locations with different needs. After ISD Tech had performed detailed site surveys, assessed risks and run full trials, the client’s corporate security department and facility managers opted for a leading Cloud-based access control system.

During feasibility analysis, Evolving Systems were also evaluating ISD Tech as their potential systems integrator and chose them based on a portfolio of IP access control in different sectors throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia with a demonstrable record of multi-site projects.

Each of the installations presented challenges in terms of complying with localized customs and excise controls in four countries across two continents.

ISD Tech solution

ISD Tech and Evolving Systems chose Brivo for its ability to centralize access control globally. The end-user was impressed with the simple deployment and scope to ensure a safe flow of staff, visitors and contractors at multiple connected sites.

Evolving Systems are a leader in activation and management of services for connected mobile devices worldwide. Naturally, they want to use these technological advances in every aspect of their business so Cloud-based access control was a logical way forward. Control of the Brivo system through a desktop or mobile Internet browser in order to set schedules and view live graphical reports was particularly appealing. Responses to actual or perceived threats can be immediate and based on optimum information.

With the client’s aim being to unify security disciplines, the ability of the Brivo equipment to integrate access control with the viewing, recording and assessment of video streams is exactly the kind of future-proofing that was stipulated in the initial brief.


ISD Tech’s engineers configured much of the Brivo system remotely from their UK headquarters. This produced significant cost savings compared with traditional access control systems and, crucially, reduced the number of contractors on site so minimizing the amount of disruption to the core business of Evolving Systems.

In the event of a major incident at one of their offices, the client now has improved situational awareness and can make a quicker more informed request to first responders.

With the annual cost of a single Paris-based security guard estimated at £100,000, the ability to reduce manpower and exploit the inherent intelligence of the system and its remote monitoring capacity has produced major cost savings with no fall-off in security and safety levels.

Additional benefits include potential to use Brivo’s real-time access control reports for fire mustering. There is also scope for departments working alongside security, such as personnel, to exchange databases with the Brivo control software with no re-keying. As a Cloud-based system, the installation contains virtually no wiring but what minimal wiring was required could be ‘piggy-backed’ onto existing structured cabling.

“An immediate benefit has been a reduction in wage bills for security guards so allowing Evolving Technologies to divert even more resources into R&D and continue to be a global leader in connecting mobile devices worldwide. The success of the access control system, and the rigour with which we evaluated it, demonstrate our duty of care to staff, visitors and contractors. ISD Tech combined lateral thinking, attention to detail and knowledge of the chosen product to allow us to centralize identity management and track movements across our entire estate.”

Lee Odess - Vice President of Marketing, Brivo Systems