Razor wire fence on technology background

Critical National Infrastructure

Protecting the nation’s most important infrastructure and physical assets from the risk of disruption or malicious attack demands uncompromising professionalism, proven credentials and compliance with all the relevant security standards.

These capabilities, combined with vast experience, in-depth expertise and impeccable references, have won us trusted status in the design and delivery of integrated security solutions for a wide range of critical national infrastructure projects, both as lead contractor and as part of a wider consortium.

To protect the core transport, utilities or telecommunication networks required to keep traffic, energy, water and information moving, we develop bespoke solutions – including associated civil engineering works – that optimise the chances of core services continuing to operate safely and without interruption in any event.

Our agile approach encompasses all stages of the security lifecycle including risk assessment, system design, commissioning, maintenance and remote monitoring. As independent integrators we specify best-of-breed high-definition surveillance, access control, perimeter detection, analytic, software and monitoring systems while keeping all options open for future enhancement as new technologies emerge.

From the latest motion detection technologies with early warning alerts to wireless locks and one-card solutions with biometric controls to manage access to your most sensitive facilities, we create practical, efficient solutions that optimise coverage, maximise situational awareness and minimise false alarms.

However complex the challenge, our solutions are backed with comprehensive reporting to simplify risk compliance, enable complete accountability and ensure services run continuously at all times.

When national interest is at stake, our experts customise robust solutions to safeguard the most critically important systems and services.