Retail store interior

Bond Street Boutique

The challenge

When a world-leading luxury fashion brand wanted to double the size of its flagship London boutique as part of a major refurbishment, it also decided to overhaul its safety systems. The lead contractor NJ Richards needed a partner with the specialist retail sector expertise to design and deliver a multidisciplinary fire detection and security, access control, intruder detection and CCTV surveillance solution.

To ensure its suitability for the historic listed Bond Street building, the solution had to meet stringent technical, logistical and aesthetic criteria. A multinational architectural team had created stunning new interior plans, with bespoke fittings and features that would restrict where equipment could be placed.

In addition, the solution would be used to enhance footfall monitoring throughout the store to more accurately track customer response to promotions at different locations.

All works had to be conducted within a tight timeframe to the highest quality standards. With successful projects across London’s high-end boutique district, ISD Tech demonstrated that it had the technical competence, in-depth retail knowledge and consultative approach required.

The ISD Tech solution

Following detailed risk assessments, ISD Tech designed and delivered an end-to-end integrated solution. It includes networked HD video surveillance supported by 360-degree cameras; access control and card readers; infra-red detection; and a premium fire and heat detection system with VESDA by Xtralis functionality for very early smoke detection.

All equipment was discretely positioned with sensitivity to the store’s decorative style and in compliance with its listed building status. This required expert project management and the agility to adapt fast to numerous architectural and construction changes while work was in progress.

With all systems and alarms integrated onto a single open platform, store personnel can remotely monitor and manage all fire, security and access control functions from the on-site control room. Colleagues can also view cameras from their iPads and iPhones while on the move.

Combining innovative software for footfall analysis and buying behaviour with the capability to remotely reconfigure camera views, enables staff to monitor and manage in-store promotions on the fly while gathering vital marketing intelligence to continuously improve sales strategies.


ISD Tech delivered everything required to ensure successful project completion. In addition to bespoke training to enable a smooth handover for the store reopening, the team provides ongoing support and maintenance.

Key benefits include:

  • A complete integrated service package precisely customised to the retailer’s requirements backed with a service level agreement tailored to day-to-day needs
  • Integrated fire, heat and VESDA smoke detection compliant with BS5839
  • Networked HD surveillance to enhance security, reduce shrinkage and ensure the safety of staff and shoppers
  • Enhanced footfall monitoring plus marketing intelligence reports to continuously improve targeting and performance of in-store promotions
  • Comprehensive management reporting and compliance
  • A user-friendly solution future-proofed to support long-term needs.

Commenting, Mark Butterworth from NJ Richards said:

“Our customer had a very ambitious vision and powerful global brand to protect. We trusted ISD Tech implicitly to meet every requirement. The team was professional, responsive and flexible, demonstrating all the expertise and attention to detail that the retailer required.”

“As well as ensuring the 24/7 safety of colleagues and customers plus security of stock and premises, ISD Tech’s approach has delivered immediate financial and operational benefits. Integrating all fire detection, surveillance and access control systems within one solution enabled economies of scale, less cabling and streamlined deployment. Reduced cost of ownership and improved ease of management is also yielding a healthy return on investment. What’s more, the inclusion of real-time footfall monitoring within the solution has made it easier to optimise in-store promotions, adding tangible value and enriching the customer experience.”