Risk and Compliance

Risk and Compliance

With the relentless rise of rules, regulation and reporting requirements, compliance has become an ever heavier box-ticking burden across all sectors. However, smart organisations are recognising that unifying risk and compliance with security strategies can improve efficiency, increase accountability and drive competitive advantage.

Compliance is inextricably related to the requirements of any good security and access control system. When correctly planned and implemented with the right tools and reporting capabilities, compliance policies enable you to better manage, minimise and mitigate the factors that compromise security and business continuity, while facilitating more coherent, streamlined and cost-effective operational processes.

After assessing your risk profile, we can design an integrated solution to unify your security management, access control, health and safety, HR policies and other compliance requirements. Youíll benefit from a more holistic, consistent solution that minimises duplication, cuts administration and delivers economies of scale. Full data capture, traceability and event audits will make it easier to fulfil your health, safety, environmental and other policy obligations while optimising security and access control performance. 

Key features and benefits

         Consistent installation and systems integration

         Consolidate disparate databases

         Unify health, safety and HR functions

         Enable more accurate, streamlined reporting

         Manage visitor and contractor access rights

         Support health and safety training accreditation

         Ensure policies are enforced.